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Languages > English > Barrons - Find Out About China
Barrons - Find Out About China

Barrons - Find Out About China
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Titles in Barron’s growing Find Out About series take young readers on delightful tours through countries around the world with vivid descriptions of the land, its history, and its people. A simplified but geographically accurate map of the title country opens up on a gatefold page flap, showing major cities and geographical features. Accompanying the map are facts about the country’s area, population, important rivers, and its location on the globe. Each book’s four separate sections have different color page tabs to mark the divisions. The four sections are as follows:

  • Part One: Introduction—Takes readers on a journey across the country, pointing out major cities, places of special interest, and favorite sports and pastimes.
  • Part Two: Everyday Life—Kids attend school and enjoy after-school activities, while the grownups pursue their professions, occupations, and trades.
  • Part Three: History and Culture—Readers learn about a country’s political leaders and cultural figures, and visit distinctive landmarks and monuments.
  • Part Four: The Language—Readers learn fundamentals of the country’s native language, including phrases for meeting people, finding their way around cities and towns, counting, telling time, and more.

    Countries are described from a child’s point of view, and pages are filled with child-friendly color illustrations. Each book presents an appealing introduction to its title country, offering interesting facts that describe its people and their culture. Books in this series are as entertaining as they are informative, and make fine supplements to textbooks in elementary social studies classes. (Ages 8 and older)

    Product ID: 501847
    Categories: Children's Books, Kids
    Supporting language: English
    Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
    Hardcover w/hidden spiral binding / 64 Pages / 8 x 9 1/4 / 2006