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Languages > Spanish > Asterix & Son - Spanish (2 CD-Rom)
Asterix & Son - Spanish (2 CD-Rom)

Asterix & Son - Spanish (2 CD-Rom)
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Join in the riotous adventures of Asterix. Record yourself, for language practice. Make a move and give yourself a part. Take a quiz to test yourself. If you need help at any time, just consult the professor.
Based on the comicbook adventures of your favourite Gaulish characters, this excellent program makes language learning memorable, effective, and fun.
If you have already studied the language at an introductory level, these discs are for you.

Product ID: 2510
Categories: Games, Kids, Software - Mac, Software - Windows
Supporting language: Spanish
Platforms/media types: Mac, Windows, Windows 95/98, CD-Rom, iMac

  • VGA monitor capable of displaying 256 colors
  • sound card(e.g. SoundBlaster)
  • 456 processor or better
  • 8MB OF RAM
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Microphone (optional)


  • VGA monitor capable of displaying 256 colors
  • 68030 or Power PC processor
  • 8MB of RAM
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Microphone(optional)

  • Features:

  • Develop language skills.
  • Extend your vocabulary.
  • Increase your fluency.

    Reviews and Awards

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    "...sophisticated interactive learning techniques on CD ROM..." - South China Post

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