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Languages > Arabic > Learn > Children's > Arabic - Virtual Blocks (Ages 7-18)
Arabic - Virtual Blocks (Ages 7-18)

Arabic - Virtual Blocks (Ages 7-18)
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Over 200 shapes including Blocks, Arabic & English alphabets, animals, cars and planes. Over 16 interactive puzzles. Zoom and rotate platform in Realtime 3D. Print your creation colored. Win 95/98 Arabic Support NOT required.

Teaching Objectives: Blocks is an incredible 3D virtual world that stimulates creativity and imagination. Builds child's 3D spacial awareness. Stimulates the child's ability to solve puzzles. Expands child's building skills by allowing him or her to experiment with various shapes, sizes and colors. Builds Mouse "Point & Click" control. Helps build thinking ability in numerous learning and work situations.

Product ID: 43250
Categories: Classroom/Schools, Classroom/Teaching Materials, Kids, Learn, Learn > Children's, Software - Windows
Supporting language: Arabic
Platforms/media types: Windows 95/98, CD-Rom, Windows ME
Arabic - Virtual Blocks (Ages 7-18)

Now you can really build castles in the air... And anything else you can imagine!
Arabic - Virtual Blocks (Ages 7-18)

Change individual block colors instantly_ Click of the mouse puts pieces into place_
Arabic - Virtual Blocks (Ages 7-18)

Choose your own background_ Use the fascinating 3D Arabic alphabet...
Arabic - Virtual Blocks (Ages 7-18)

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