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Languages > Arabic > Arabic On The Move (3 Audio-CDs + Guide)
Arabic On The Move (3 Audio-CDs + Guide)

Arabic On The Move (3 Audio-CDs + Guide)
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Arabic On the Move features an engaging, natural approach to language learning ideally suited for today’s hurry-up world. A lively narrator guides listeners through the course, meeting up with two native Arabic speakers who take part in an unfolding story line that encompasses an array of everyday subjects, from meeting people, eating, dining, and shopping to getting around town, relating events, and describing family relationships.

The package features three 60-minute audio CDs, a 32-page listening guide, sound effects, language games, an engaging story line, and dozens of unscripted conversations that introduce key words and phrases in Arabic as they’re really spoken.

Product ID: 107052     ISBN-13: 9780071456746
Categories: Classroom/Schools, Classroom/Teaching Materials, Learn, Learning Bundles
Supporting language: Arabic
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter, Audio CD
A fun, innovative approach to learning Arabic naturally for people on the move

Sure, you'd love to learn Arabic, but let's face it, in today's hurry-up, multitasking world, who's got time?

The next best thing to a year in Dubai, this powerful three-CD program teaches by immersing you in the Arabic language the way it's really spoken. Here's how it works: You are guided through manageable sets of key vocabulary words, complete with sound effects that help you retain your new words. Innovative language games offer you a fun way to test and review what you've learned. The audio component presents an engaging storyline, so you can hear Arabic in action.

Designed for your busy lifestyle, Arabic on the Move features:

  • Inventive, fun language games
  • Real-life quick-takes that show the natural pace of the language
  • A handy listening guide to the audio recordings

    On the ground or in the air, during your lunch break or between meetings, Arabic on the Move lets you acquire the basics of Arabic at your own pace--naturally, efficiently, and enjoyably.