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A spirited young sports man Ram (Feroz) is seen participating in several world famous car racing classics. Meena (Mumtaz) a beautiful girl comes to his life which is involved in some sort of crime. Convinced of Meena's helplessness Ram frees Meena from the clutches of Nath and his criminal gang.

Ram after winning the race reaches the airport to employee along with Meena for India. He is approached by a stranger giving a packet of medicine for Harman (Ram's brother). The packet does not contain any sort of medicines but diamonds. Innocent Ram had no knowledge of this fact. Harman's enemy Arab Sheik informed the police. Ram gets arrested and sentenced for a crime he doesn't commit. After his release the lovers get married to start a fresh life. But the dreams of living happily are shattered by Harman's sudden intrusion into their life. Evil Harman has other plans he tries to lure Ram with plans of getting rich very easily.

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Categories: Movies/Videos, Movies/Videos > Drama
Supporting language: Hindi
Platforms/media types: DVD