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Languages > Samoan > Learn > Anoafale o le Gagana ma le Aganuu
Anoafale o le Gagana ma le Aganuu

Anoafale o le Gagana ma le Aganuu
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Anoafale o le Gagana ma le Aganuu

This book "Anoafale" describes the inter relation ship of the language and culture within the "matai" or the chiefly system of the Samoan people. The language serves as an instrument that peforms various aspects of the culture within the matai system. The Samoan people are culturally oriented and to live and understand the system one must understand the langugae and its culture. The matai system is based on small family units and the matai is the chief of that family unit. Several family units make up a village which is ruled by a village council. The council makes the rules and regulations that govern the village as a whole, and each family matai is represented there. The purpose of this book is to remind the younger generation of the importance of their heritage which has been passed down through many generations.

Product ID: 504448     ISBN-10: 1449035116
Categories: Culture & Tradition, History, Learn
Supporting language: Samoan
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
Specifications: Paperback: 68 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1449035112 Dimensions: 11 x 0.1 x 8.3 inches
Pemerika Tauiliili was raised and nurtured in the real traditional Samoan way of life. As a young adult he left that life as he joined the United States Navy in 1954 and after a four year enlistment he entered the University of Hawaii, and from where he graduated with a Bachelor degree in Agricultural Economics in 1964. He later earned a Master's degree in Education Management from the San Diego State University. He has held various directorship positions in the American Samoa Government, has written widely, and in addition to unpublished writings he has authored and published two books for children: "Le Tu Manu ae Tu Logologo" in Samoan, and "The Rat and the Bat and other Short Stories", written in English and Samoan. He has written many songs in English and in Samoan, some of which are religious songs. He holds three high chief titles in the Samoan "matai" system.
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