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Languages > English > Children's Books > Ancient Tales of Wit and Wisdom - Pancharatna Series (HB)
Ancient Tales of Wit and Wisdom - Pancharatna Series (HB)

Ancient Tales of Wit and Wisdom - Pancharatna Series (HB)
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A collection of 5 beautifully illustrated and absorbing stories of wit and wisdom from India's ancient past.

This collection includes the following titles:

HITHOPADESA - How Friends are parted - Choice of Friends

THE TIGER and the Wood pecker and Other Stories

FRIENDS and Foes - Animal Tales from the Mahabharta

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The first two titles in this volume are based on the Hithopadesha, attributed to Narayana. The stories in the Hitopadesha are based on the more famous Panchatantra written by Vishnu Sharma.

The third title in the series has stories from the Keyurabahu Charitramu by the distinguished Telugu poet Manchana.

The fourth title in the volume is based on the Mahabharata by Vishnu Sharma.

The fifth tile has stories, adapted from Anwar-i-Suhaili, a Persian version of the Panchatantra, written by Hussain Ali Waiz.

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