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American Accent Program (CD-ROM)
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About American Accent Program
The American Accent Program is a comprehensive, results oriented interactive CD-ROM program designed to improve spoken English. Students are taken step-by-step through the pronunciation and intonation of all American sounds. Designed by speech and ESL professionals, this program provides instructions and exercises in all the vowel and consonant sounds, as well as intonation . . . the "melody" of American English. Exercises are presented by male and female native speakers and students record and compare their voices with the ease of interactive learning.

Program Features

  • Over 300 hours of instruction
  • 1000's of sound, word and sentence level exercises
  • Designed for the beginning, intermediate and advanced ESL speaker
  • High degree of interactivity increases user interest
  • Develops listening discrimination
  • Voice recording capability
  • Easy to use
  • Entire section devoted to intonation
  • Network version available for both PCs and Macs

Product ID: 46275
Category: ESL Lessons
Supporting language: English
Platforms/media types: CD-Rom
    PC: Windows 3.1, 9X or NT; 386 33 Mhz CPU; 8 MB RAM; VGA Monitor (256 Colors); 5MB hard disk space; 2x CD-ROM Drive; SoundBlaster or compatible soundcard; microphone & speakers.

    Mac: System 7.0 or better; 68030 processor; 8 MB RAM; 13" Monitor (256 Colors); 5MB hard disk space; 2x CD-ROM drive; microphone.

American Accent Program (CD-ROM)

American Accent Program (CD-ROM)

American Accent Program (CD-ROM)


"I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending "The American Accent Program". Students from our Intensive English Program,. as well as some other campus programs, have responded very favorably to the AAP in our new Noyes Language Lab."
Samuel Vann, Lecturer, I.E.P., Cornell University

"The American Accent Program, an ESL pronunciation tutor on interactive multimedia CD-ROM, is one of the best programs in my experience of publishing numerous software reviews. This program, comprising modules for vowels, consonants, and intonation, offers highly effective training in "standard" American "English pronunciation."
Technical Communication Magazine, Reviewed by C.J. Wallia, Ph.D.

"I am very pleased to confirm that Berlitz regularly uses instructional material developed by the Ford Language Institute either in specialized programs concentrating exclusively on pronunciation remediation or as a component of more comprehensive curricula in English as a second language."

"We have found the Ford Language Institute's American Accent Program a well designed package founded on principles widely accepted by academic linguists and yet readily amenable to the practical needs of students who lack a specialist's knowledge of phonology."
Bernabe Francis Feria, M.A. (Oxon), Ph.D., National Pedagogical Director, Berlitz International