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Languages > Latin > Learn > Alpha Teach Yourself Latin in 24 Hours
Alpha Teach Yourself Latin in 24 Hours

Alpha Teach Yourself Latin in 24 Hours
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Learn how to read, write and speak Latin - one hour at a time
Trying to make sense of theological or medical terms? Looking for a way to improve your standarized test scores? Or do you just want to understand all those Latin words and phrases that have found their way into the English Language? Whatever your reason, Alpha Teach Yourself Latin in 24 hours makes mastering this ancient language surprisingly simple. The 24 lessons in this step-by-step guide keep you on track as you take the first steps towards fluency- one hour at a time.

  • Conver adjectives to adverbs
  • Conjugate Verbs
  • Form questions and sentences
  • Understand when to use different cases
  • Master the principles of verb-subject and noun adjective agreement.
  • Form comparative and superlative adjectives
  • Use participles and gerunds correctly.

  • Understand the Latin rule of grammar
  • Develop your skills and translation exercises
  • Acquire an extensive Latin Vocabulary, and gain a better understanding of the roots of our own language.

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Supporting language: Latin
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