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Languages > Sign Language (US) > ASL American Sign Language Songs for Kids for Windows Only
ASL American Sign Language Songs for Kids for Windows Only

ASL American Sign Language Songs for Kids for Windows Only
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1 CD presents six songs typically learned by young children-sung and signed! The songs shown are: The Wheels on the Bus, Happy Birthday, The Ants Go Marching, The Green Grass Grows All Around, Old MacDonald Had a Farm, and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. As the songs are sung, Paws the dog signs, and graphics convey the lyrics, as well as information about the notes and volume. In addition, each song is explained in ASL.

Product ID: 104621
Categories: Classroom/Schools, Learn, Sign Language, Software - Windows
Supporting language: Sign Language (US)
Platforms/media types: Windows
Specifications: Minimum: * Windows 98 SE * Pentium III or equivalent processor * 128 MB RAM * 470 MB of Hard Drive space * 1x speed CD-ROM Drive
If you see one ant, there is likely to be more! As The Ants Go Marching over the hills in time to the music, they entertain us with their antics. Careful! The rain cloud gets bigger as Paws sings louder till lightening strikes, and the ants run down a hole for cover.
The Green Grass Grows All Around this beautiful meadow where flowers twirl in the breeze in time with the music. The louder Paws sings, the more the sun shines. Watch carefully, and you will see the details of the tree and what is hidden in its branches. It's Paws' birthday! Happy Birthday! For every note in the song, a different candle flickers. As Paws sings louder, birthday balloons inflate! Sing along and wish Paws a very happy birthday!
Lying in his tent under the evening sky, Horatio muses about what created the stars above. His thoughts are reflected in the song, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. The stars rotate as the notes are sung, and the moon changes phases with the intensity of each note. Have you ever been on a bus? So much can happen--people climbing on and off, horns honking, babies crying, passengers talking. Just listen as The Wheels on the Bus is sung. As the bus whizzes down the street, watch the city skyline light up with the notes and a construction worker pop in and out of his manhole as the volume changes. You may have known that Old MacDonald Had a Farm, but have you ever seen chicks hop up and down on the farm fence posts to let you know the melody? Poor Old MacDonald! It's hard to manage a farm with pigs, sheep, ducks, goats, roosters, horses, chickens, and cows overrunning the barnyard and a scarecrow flapping its arms the louder Paws sings. And just wait till you see the cheerleader chickens!!
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