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Product Types > Movies/Videos > A Few Kilos of Dates for a Funeral (DVD)
A Few Kilos of Dates for a Funeral (DVD)

A Few Kilos of Dates for a Funeral (DVD)
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From one of Iran's most talented young filmmakers comes this darkly comic drama about two lost souls who run a struggling gas station in a deserted area of Iran. With few customers and little in common, they spend most of their time alone except for occasional visits by the postman. When together, the three men share their dreams of romance and are driven to pursue impossible relationships. Besides being boosted by the stunning black-and-white cinematography of Turaj Aslani and the stylish direction of Saman Salur, A Few Kilos of Dates for a Funeral "defied expectations of Iranian cinema with its wry observations on male friendship" (Variety). In Farsi with English subtitles.

Product ID: 501526
Category: Movies/Videos
Supporting languages: English, Farsi (Persian), Persian (Farsi)
Platforms/media types: DVD
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