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Languages > Spanish > Movies/Videos > A Dios MoMo (Goodbye MoMo) - Spanish DVD
A Dios MoMo (Goodbye MoMo) - Spanish DVD

A Dios MoMo (Goodbye MoMo) - Spanish DVD
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In the tradition of magic realism, Leonardo Ricagni's A Dios Momo uses the carnival atmosphere to transport viewers to an enchanted time and place where reality and dreams collide. Obdulio, an 11-year-old Afro-Uruguayan boy from the streets, can neither read nor write. He lives with his grandmother and supports them by selling newspapers. One evening, he discovers that the night watchman at the newspaper is a magical "Maestro," who introduces the boy to the power of literacy and the meaning of life. Against the backdrop of Uruguay's stimulating carnival, the Maestro teaches Obdulio with the lyrics of the "murgas," the songs of the carnival. "Achieves a rich visual and spiritual sensibility unparalleled today" (AFI Fest). In Spanish with English subtitles.

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