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Languages > English > 101 Illustrated Crossword Puzzles (Ring-bound)
101 Illustrated Crossword Puzzles (Ring-bound)

101 Illustrated Crossword Puzzles (Ring-bound)
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Full Blast Reproducible Texts
We now carry the Full Blast ESL reproducible resource books. These books are intended for all teachers of English to speakers of other languages. They are infinitely reproducible for classroom use and are among the finest quality publications available to teach ESL. If you are an ESL teacher in search of more activity-oriented and discussion-based based materials, these books will make you very happy.

Product ID: 31552     ISBN-13: 9781895451115     ISBN-10: 1895451116
Categories: Classroom/Schools, Classroom/Teaching Materials, ESL Lessons, Learn, Puzzles
Supporting language: English
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
Activities by John F. Chabot

101 Illustrated Crossword Puzzles includes 10 reproducible units, 9 of which focus on a thematic approach. The tenth unit is made up of combinations of words from the first nine units. The 10 units are: Appliances, Weather, Fast Food, Signs, Furniture, Green (Environmental), Around The House, Healthy Foods, Professions and Combined.

Units one through nine include:

  • Study of 30 thematically linked vocabulary words
  • 30 numbered sentences using the vocabulary words in an everyday context
  • Drawings page with all the vocabulary words illustrated and numbered to correspond with the sentences mentioned above
  • Chance to practice writing the word before doing the first crossword puzzle
  • Three 10-word crossword puzzles, which are also a matching exercise
  • Two 15-word crossword puzzles, which come with a checklist
  • Three 20-word crossword puzzles, which come with a checklist
  • Two 30-word crossword puzzles

    Unit ten includes 11 twenty-four word crossword puzzles made up of words from the first nine units. Plus a complete answer key.

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