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Language Information

Tongan is spoken in the Tonga Islands, a kingdom in the South Pacific Ocean just west of the International Date Line. Another of the Polynesian languages, it has about 100,000 speakers. The English word taboo is of Tongan origin.

Tongan is spoken/used in Tonga

Language Family
Family: Malayo-Polynesian (Austronesian)
Subgroup: Polynesian

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Writing Sample

Writing Sample


There was a virgin named Hina, and she and the handsome man Sinilau heard reports of one another, and as time went on and they continually heard one another's praises, Hina could rest no longer, because of her thoughts of Sinilau. So one day she clothed herself with her fine mat, and took her necklace and put it on, and she went with a pole and leaped into the sea, and swam, and came to the land of Sinilau.

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