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Language Information

Sotho, more correctly called Sesotbo, is one of the major languages of southern Africa. Sotho proper refers to Southern Sotho, spoken by about 2 million people in Lesotho and another 3 million in the surrounding areas of South Africa. In its broader sense it includes Northern Sotbo, or Pedi, spoken in northern Transvaal, South Africa, and Western Sotbo, generally referred to as Tswana. Sotbo is another of the Bantu languages.

Sotho is spoken/used in the following countries:
Lesotho, South Africa.

Language Family
Family: Niger-Congo
Subgroup: Benue-Congo
Branch: Bantu

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Writing Sample

Writing Sample


While this government does guarantee tbe protection of the human rights of every mother and father in the country, the right to marry and to procreate, it must remind the citizens of Lesotho to be aware of their great responsibility to the society as a whole, and to the future well-being of the entire nation. This government will not interfere with the size of anyone's family, it will not dictate any ideal number of children or the spacing of births, but it asks that private individuals and private organizations pay serious attention to all implications of the present rapid growth of our population.

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