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Rohingya'lish is the modern written language of the Rohingya People of Arakan (Rakhine) State in Myanmar formerly known as Burma. The first Rohingya Language written was back to 300 years and used Arabic Scripts. Due to the long colonial period under the British rules, Urdu, Farsi and English were the main communication languages in that time. Since then many other scholars have tried to write the Rohingya Language using Urdu, Arabic, Burmese or English Scripts. The recent one was with the new invented alphabets mostly derived from Arabic Scripts but a few from Latin and Burmese. However, to make Rohingya language more easy in today's Computers and communications world, Rohingya'lish has been developed using Latin alphabets only. Since these alphabets are readily available in almost all personal computers used today, we need only a few guide lines to write the Rohingya Language.

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Rohingya is spoken/used in Myanmar (Burma)

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