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Language Information

Luha, also known as Chiluba, is one of the major languages of Zaire (formerly Congo-Kinshasa). It is spoken by about 6 million people, mainly in the southeastern part of the country. The language belongs to the Bantu family.

Luba is spoken/used in Congo (Zaire)

Language Family
Family: Niger- Congo
Subgroup: Benue-Congo
Branch: Bantu

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Writing Sample

Writing Sample


A man went to examine his pit-traps. He came and looked at the traps, and found in one pit a lion. As the man was about to spear him the lion said, "Lift me out, do not spear me. If you lift me out, I will give you a reward." So the man lifted him out, but he said, "Now I will eat you." But hark, a rat in the pit said, "Come here, lion; why don't you come?" Now he was tricking him about the pit.
So the lion thought, "I will go near." So he fell once again into the pit. The rat called the man and said, "Come and spear him." So then the man came near and speared him, killing him. Then when the lion was dead, the man said, "What shall I give you, O Rat?" The rat replied saying, "I would like you to carry me home to your house, and put me on the tall food-rack." And as for the man, he carried him away and put him on the rack, and he lived there always.