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Children's Books
Goldilocks & the Three Bears in Lithuanian & English (PB)
Talk Now Learn Lithuanian
Lithuanian-English / English-Lithuanian Hippocrene Concise Dictionary
Harry Potter
Harry Potter in Lithuanian V - Haris Poteris ir Fenikso brolija
Keyboard for-Lithuanian Beige PS-2
Keyboard Stickers
Keyboard Stickers for Lithuanian (white)
Talk Now Vocabulary Builder Lithuanian
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Language Information

Lithuanian is the nativge language of the Republic of Lithuanian, where it is spoken by over 3 million people, about 80 percent of the total population. Lithuanian is one of the two Baltic languages, which form a branch of the Indo-European family.

Lithuanian is perhaps the oldest of all the modern Indo-Luropean languages. It has been said that the speech of a Lithuanian peasant ts the closest thing existing today to the speech of the original Indo-Europeans. Lithuanian also bears certain remarkable similarities to Sanskrit, the progenitor of the modern Indic languages.

Lithuanian is spoken/used in Lithuania

Language Family
Family: Indo-European
Branch: Baltic

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Writing Sample

Writing Sample


The elaborate new church seemed a strange and incomprehensible anomaly amidst this sea of misery and ignorance. It was clear that the church, so elegant and grand, had turned up here in some way by some fatal misunderstanding of the people and had brought great offense to them. It had drained their last ounce of strength and left them only poverty—for a century at least. Looking at it, one senses that it is ashamed of its splendor, ashamed of human ignorance and poverty, and that, if it had legs, it would quickly flee this town.


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