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Language Information

There are about 10 million speakers of Kurdish, scattered over four countries. There are over 25 millions each in Turkey, Iraq, and Iran, about 15 millions in Syria. The general area in which they live is often referred to as Kurdistan.

The Kurds are an ancient people who have always had a strong sense of ethnic identity. Their language belongs to the Iranian branch of the Indo-European family. It is generally written in a variation of the Arabic script, though the Cyrillic alphabet has been introduced in the Soviet Union, though a Roman script exists in Iraq and Syria.

Kurdish is spoken/used in the following countries:
Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey.

Language Family
Family: Indo-European
Subgroup: Indo-Iranian
Branch: Iranian

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Writing Sample

Writing Sample


If beauty is a tender succulent plant, then eyes are two bright flowers crowning it. Eyes are a pair of kingly stars glittering through the deep heavens; two precious stones that adorn the crown of love and beauty; two bright windows overlooking the garden of the soul.

Eyes are two pages from a sacred book, full of words of excellence, and written into them with words of light are the realities of life, the secret of the heart, and the inner mysteries of the conscience.

I wonder what other vestiges of the soul, what other heavenly books there are, which are more expressive, more beautiful, and more enchanting than eyes.

One of eyes' wonders is that, like gems, they go with every color. Some are black like jet; some blue like turquoise; others resemble the eyes of an eagle shining like rubies.


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