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Language Information

Kalmyk, or Kalmuck, is spoken in the Russian Republic of Kalmyk (capital: Elista), located just to the west of the Volga River delta, northwest of the Caspian Sea. Its speakers, the Kalmyks, who number about 150,000, are descendants of a Mongol people who migrated to this region from central Asia in the 17th century. The language is thus most closely related to modern Mongolian, as well as to Buryat, of southern Siberia, the three belonging to the Mongolian branch of the Altaic family. ***

Kalmyk is spoken/used in Russia

Language Family
Family: Altaic
Subgroup: Mongolian

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Writing Sample

Writing Sample


The noisy party was over, at last the bridegroom had appeared. When the groom's family had left and the last sleepy guests had gone their way, Bulgan could not set home and raced to see her girlfriend Kishtya. "Your eyes are awfully swollen, wash your face with some cold water," said Kishtya, taking a cup of cloudy water and handing it to her. "It's all right. The swelling will subside on its own. I'd rather you tell me what you think of my fiancé, whom he reminds you of," asked Bulgan, resting her elbows on Kishtya's knees. Kishtya sat silently, not knowning how to answer her questions.

—BAATAR BASANGOV,The Truth of the Past

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