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Ibo, also known as Igho, is one of the major languages of Nigeria. It is spoken chiefly in Fast-Central state with its capital at Enugu. Ibo belongs to the Kwa subgroup of the Niger-Congo family of languages. There are about 15 million speakers.

Ibo is spoken/used in Nigeria

Language Family
Family: Niger-Congo
Subgroup: Western Sudanic
Branch: Kwa

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Writing Sample

Writing Sample


Once upon a time the tortoise's mother fell ill; everyone knew she would not survive. The tortoise, wishing to escape an expensive funeral befitting a woman of his mother's rank, decided to embark on a trip. Before leaving, he instructed all the animals in his village never to send for him unless an event hitherto unheard of happened.
Shortly afterward the tortoise's mother died. As was the custom in the land of the animals, the villagers gathered to consider the burial of the deceased. No funeral rites could be performed for her unless her son was present. One of the villagers recalled the instructions given by the tortoise. This posed a puzzle to them all.

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