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In early colonial times the Delaware Indians inhabited the Delaware Valley, in the states of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Beginning about 1720 they were gradually driven westward, first by the hostile Iroquois, later by the white man. Today they number less than 1,000, most of whom live in Oklahoma, near the town of Anadarko, the rest in southern Ontario, near the city of Brantford. The Delawares call themselves Lenape— "The People." Their language is of the Algonkian family.

Delaware is spoken/used in United States of America

Language Family
Family: North American Indian
Subgroup: Algonkian

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Writing Sample

Writing Sample


Now at the time when the earth quaked, so it is said, a great cracking, rumbling noise arose here from down in the ground below. And there came rising dust and smoke, while here and there came rising something sticky, looking like tar, a black fluid. That substance overflowed down into the earth. That was when the great gaps opened in the ground, here where we dwell upon our mother's body.
So even it was not known what purpose was intended for the black fluid substance blown forth from below. There the earth lay gaping open and when the dust and smoke were seen, it was said to be the breath of the Evil Spirit.

The Delaware Indian Big House Ceremony

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