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A Dictionary of Creek / Muskogee (Anthropology of N. America) by Jack Martin & Margaret Mauldin
VIP - Introduction to Muskogee (Creek) Language (Audio CD with Workbook)
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Language Information

The Creek Indians lived originally in Georgia and Alabama. Frequent clashes with advancing white settlers eventually led to the Creek War of 1813-14, in which the Creeks were decisively defeated and forced to cede more than half their land to the United States. In the 1830s they were forced to move to Oklahoma, where today they number about 15,000. Most of them live near the town of Okmulgee, which lies due south of Tulsa. Probably not more than half still speak the Creek language. Creek is closely related to Seminole, both of them belonging to the Muskogean family.

Creek is spoken/used in United States of America

Language Family
Family: North American Indian
Subgroup: Muskogean

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Writing Sample

Writing Sample


At that time there was a bird of large size, blue in color, with a long tail, and swifter than an eagle, which came every day and killed and ate their people. They made an image in the shape of a woman, and placed it in the way of this bird. The bird carried it off, and kept it a long time, and then brought it back. They left it alone, hoping it would bring something forth. After a long time a red rat came forth from it, and they believe the bird was the father of the rat. They took counsel with the rat how to destroy its father. Now the bird had a bow and arrows; and the rat gnawed the bowstring, so that the bird could not defend itself, and the people killed it. They called this bird the King of Birds. They think the eagle is also a great King; and they carry its feathers when they go to War or make Peace: the red mean War; the white, Peace. If an enemy approaches with white feathers and a white mouth, and cries like an eagle, they dare not kill him.

The Migration Legend of the Kasi'hta Tribe

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