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Countries > Heard Island & McDonald Islands

Languages   0 languages are spoken in Heard Island & McDonald Islands.

Capital: N/A Admin. Canberra, AU
Heard Island & McDonald Islands Map

(territory of Australia)


Location: Southern Africa, islands in the Indian Ocean, about two-thirds of the way from Madagascar to Antarctica

Geographic coordinates: 53 06 S, 72 31 E

Map references: Antarctic Region

total : 412 sq km
land: 412 sq km
water: 0 sq km

Area - comparative: slightly more than 2 times the size of Washington, DC

Land boundaries: 0 km

Coastline: 101.9 km

Maritime claims:
exclusive fishing zone: 200 nm
territorial sea: 3 nm

Climate: antarctic

Terrain: Heard Island - bleak and mountainous, with a quiescent volcano; McDonald Islands - small and rocky

Elevation extremes:
lowest point: Indian Ocean 0 m
highest point: Big Ben 2,745 m

Natural resources: none

Land use:
arable land: 0%
permanent crops: 0%
permanent pastures : 0%
forests and woodland: 0%
other: 100%

Irrigated land: 0 sq km (1993)

Natural hazards: Heard Island is dominated by a dormant volcano called Big Ben

Environment - current issues: NA

Environment - international agreements:
party to: NA
signed, but not ratified: NA

Geography - note: primarily used for research stations


Population: uninhabited


Country name:
conventional long form : Territory of Heard Island and McDonald Islands
conventional short form: Heard Island and McDonald Islands

Data code: HM

Dependency status: territory of Australia; administered by the Ministry for Sport, Territories, and Local Government

National capital: none; administered from Canberra, Australia

Independence: none (territory of Australia)

Flag description: the flag of Australia is used


Economy - overview: no economic activity


Ports and harbors: none; offshore anchorage only


Military - note: defense is the responsibility of Australia

Transnational Issues

Disputes - international: none

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